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Reise ins Berner Oberland - Mittwoch


Visiting Ballenberg - All of the old houses look similar. Not the rabbits. So only those animals are the reason to see Ballenberg once. Food comes out of the backpack. No chocolate. No smoked sausages. But Rivella and sandwiches.
Weather is nice. Warm and blue sky. At evening a meal close to a brewery. The rooms in the hotel have a wonderful view on the famous mountains. There has always been English spoken tourism in the Berner Oblerland. So the two American girls should not feel lonely there. But to be honest those two understand German pretty well.

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Reise ins Berner Oberland - Donnerstag


Top of Europe - The Jungfraujoch. Getting up early is no fun. A perfect day starts. By train to Grindelwald. Trains are full. Seats are not always available. The well trained girls do a hiking tour to the famous Monks hut, which is on 3629m over see level (11913ft). Unfortunately here air pressure is low. So they need a few rest stops. Snow cools down their drinks. In the hut there typical Swiss meals for the hungry girls. On the way down- the train does wait on the end of toilette stop. Dinner consists of chocolate ice cream.

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Reise ins Berner Oberland - Freitag


Piz Gloria - the famous Shorthorn has a revolving restaurant. One turn per hour. No clouds. At afternoon a boat tour on a paddle steamer. Again it is warm and nice. The girls talk in English to each other but understand Swiss German very well. Strange, think many Swiss people who try to understand about what the girls are talking. A bit later they are wondering what the word "rude" means, which they hear quite often. A night in the mountains, with a delicious dinner and very tasty ice-cream are the last highlights of that day.

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Reise ins Berner Oberland - Samstag


It is called "Alp tower". But only local people find the cable car station. Push scooters have not to be pushed so often. But all the cows around have no fence. – the dwarfs on the top are for little children. A nap on the wooden bench is more fun. "Catch me if you can" in the Aareschlucht is more exciting than only watching the rocks and the water. The playground nearby has no limited age.

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Rust for two days


Two and a half hour by car across the black forest and you are in Rust, Germany. It was very hot and a bit overcrowded. Silver Star and Blue Fire are roller coasters. It is a bit like Valley Fair. Beer is far better and you also can have a tasty meal. Pizza at 10 pm is still excellent and the apartment to stay at night is in a perfect state. A rich breakfast for kings or queens would be the highlight of that day. But after eating bars of more tasty chocolate no hunger is left.
Water is wet but not on the Tirol Log Flume. Soon everything is dry. Silver Star is pretty high and offers a good view over the wide parking space. It goes a bit up and down. And if you do not take pictures of it at least pictures are taken of your face.

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